Goldstreet capital seeks to create a diversified portfolio of concepts and operators. Stemming from the pandemic the restaurant and hospitality industry has been decimated. This has led to a massive opportunity to take advantage of 2nd generation spaces and under market rent opportunities.

The pandemic has also created an enormous opportunity with the talent pool in the hospitality industry in a way that we may never see again. There are top tier operators, chefs, & managers that are seeking employment. The cost structure of obtaining this talent pool is also very appealing in looking at overall returns on investment.

The ability to occupy spaces with existing conditions and minimal tenant allowance reduces our risk profile and can greatly enhance short term returns. The competitive climate in the hospitality space has also drastically declined due to closures across the board with restaurants, entertainment venues & hotels.

This void will allow new concepts and groups to emerge. Goldstreet capital looks to be a funding source for these up and coming brands. My 25 year experience in the hospitality & retail space allows me a unique perspective in finding the best operators and real estate opportunities.

Investment Criteria

Goldstreet Capital Retail Fund

Looks to invest in 6-8 portfolio companies


It is our vision to redefine communities and act as a driving force to revitalize neighborhoods.  Every neighborhood has potential for growth and improvement.  Retail and restaurants act as a catalyst to make this happen.  The Goldstreet Team travels nationally and internationally seeking out new and exciting restaurants, brands, concepts, and retailers to help improve the geographic areas that we target.

The Process

Goldstreet Capital makes programmatic GP Equity

Co-investments for seasoned owners, operators and developers.

We look at each business independently and strive to learn as much as we can about the total market size, existing competitors, and the role that the business plays in the market.

We do an in depth underwriting of the operator by analyzing current, past financials & future projections of the business to understand growth and profitability.

Brand Investments


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Goldstreet portfolio companies

    Far Reaching Capabilities.

    We’re more than just an urban retail brokerage.

    We enable brands and transform places with an insight-led strategy to drive demand, maximize value, and generate revenue through market awareness.

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